Slurpy Ford Wii Nunchuk Puppet

Use, spacebar, “c”, “s”, left, right, up and down arrows to control Slurpy:
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I’ve thought for a long time about how a Wii Nunchuk would be perfect for controlling a puppet. It has an accelerometer, a joystick and two buttons.

Accelerometers are sensors that measure proper acceleration – the orientation of an object relative to the Earth’s gravity. You can use an accelerometer to determine the direction that an object is facing. Probably the least expensive accelerometer is the Wii Nunchuk – off brand versions can be bought for $10 at big box stores. Additionally, they can be bought as chipsets that plug into arduinos – chips are usually start around $12 in physical stores and cheaper online, but you miss out on the benefits of the extra buttons/ joystick. Also, you can buy a Wii Nunchuk at a bigbox pharmacy at midnight on a whim.

Cut the end off the nunchuk and plug it into your arduino. Plug your arduino into a computer.
I’m using the wiichuck adapter from Todbot

It spits out serial data to whatever software you want to use. Sadly, you do need some scripting/ programming knowledge here. Fortunately, you can use all kinds of things, including node.

Here’s what the data looks like:
{“accx”:180, “accy”:125, “zbut”:0, “cbut”:0, “joyx”:122, “joyy”:130}

There was some interest in the assets and how they work. Here are the cutup pieces that I used:

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