Paper Dolls Boutonnière




In the Summer of 2011, The Grumpy Owl, a fantastic writer and patron of the bespoke, commissioned Breeyn and I to create paper, colour change boutonnières. The boutonnières were an extension of the successful paper dolls project we created for F.A.T. 2011. The Grumpy Owl beat me to the punch (by, like, 2 years) and blogged it previously.

Paper Dolls Boutonnière from Christopher Lewis on Vimeo.



The boutonnières consist of a simple electronic circuit: watch batteries power an RGB LED and each colour is individually controlled using 3 pot switches, allowing for an immeasurable number of variations in colour. Each switch basically increases resistance to each colour, RGB. Hot glue dimples (or nipples, as I prefer), were glued to the outside of the RGB LED allowing for the colour to spread in more directions.

Paper Dolls Boutonnière Electronics from Christopher Lewis on Vimeo.



The electronics sat inside absolutely beautiful paper roses and carnations that Breeyn crafted. The paper flowers are detailed with stems constructed of silver wire.


Boutonniere electrical works

Perhaps my favourite thing about this project, beyond the beauty of the end product, is the potential to change the significance of the boutonnière for different occasions. For example, Blue or purple carnations are considered a funerary flower.


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